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There are several reasons that hinder the opening of the company:

* Spanish advisors do not know how the English market operates so the employer has to travel to the UK to learn how it works.

* There are a great difficulties with the english language in order to fill out the forms.

* There are problems to open an English bank account as a Non-Resident.

* There will be fines with HMRC (Inland Revenue) and Companies House if the paperwork is not filed on time.

* There are difficulties in understanding that the company and the individual are clearly separated.

* There is a difficulty to understand when the company has exceeded the limit of profits and should register to make the VAT application. The VAT application is paid in advance every year even if the HMRC returns it at the end of the year.

EASY UK COMPANIES works very hard to give solutions to all these difficulties and helps you to run a new company.
We are experts in Business administration, specialising in the areas of accounting and fiscal performance in the UK; We are fluent in spanish and english languages and we take control and supervise the duties and obligations of the company in the UK in order to avoid fines with the HMRC
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